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How do I quickly create an online strategy that works? 


Marketing Strategy Workshop

Is it time to adapt your marketing? Do you need to quickly pull together an effective online strategy?  

Our Marketing Strategy Workshop will help you to build your strategy in steps that help you to build trust with each step, an important element of doing business online. Building your Online Strategy according to a customers journey in learning about your business helps to you say the right thing at the right time, building trust with each message. Compare that to screaming “buy from me” online, which never really works.  

Our process includes a 3-hour workshop that helps you to build your strategy in 8 specific stepss: Awareness – Engagement – Subscribe – Convert – Excite – Ascend – Advocate and Promote. 

You will be able to


Find online channels to create awareness

Create offers to convert your traffic into sales

Create incentives to get your existing customers to promote your business online


Workshop Description

In this session, we will review how your customers currently get to know, like and trust your business. We will then translate this into 8 specific phases on how can you get your customers to know, like and trust your business using online channels. 

After this workshop, you will be able to prioritize which marketing channels you need now, and create relevant messages for each step in your customer’s online journey. You will brainstorm how to create awareness for your business online, how to turn that awareness into sales and how to get your customers to promote your business.


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We don't just build a strategy, we build a customer journey


Digital Marketing is about helping customers to move along their buying journey faster. Using just one tactic or a series of unfocused campaigns will leave you wondering whether you are just spinning your wheels and questioning whether digital marketing even works for your business. 


 The Customer Value Journey looks at the following steps: 


Step 1: Aware

How do I build awareness for my business online? You can build awareness through advertising, blog posts, events, word of mouth, social media or a news article.


Step 2: Engage

Once the customer is aware of your brand, an interested customer will want to learn more. Engagement begins immediately after the customer’s first touch with your brand and can be through blogs, an online community, email or customer support. Here you try to build that emotional connection, like and trust, through content or interaction. Direct them to a longer article, start discussions on Facebook.


Step 3: Subscribe

Customers that liked engaging with your brand, may want to keep in touch to learn more about your products and services. They may not be ready to buy right away, but they want to keep the relationship going. Ask your customers to subscribe. Your goal here is to gather their contact information to nurture the relationship further.. Give your audience something of value in exchange for their email address.  This allows you to build that much needed email list.


Step 4: Convert

A customer that continues to receive your marketing messages and offers via email, may now be ready to purchase. Step 4 is to convert them to a customer. Change the relationship from prospect to customer. The best way to do this is to create an entry point offer, a high-value, low-risk offer that lets them have a great experience at being your customer.  The difference between a prospect or lead and a customer is now the customer has demonstrated his faith by investing either time or money in you.


Step 5: Excite!

Step 5: Now that they have invested in you, get them excited! After becoming your customer with an initial purchase, this is the time to create excitement, creating an aha moment of understanding your brand and the value that you offer. Give them some extra  tips, a tour, bonus features or quick wins.


Step 6: Ascend

Generate additional sales by looking at ways to get the customer to spend more and purchase more frequently. If your customers are genuinely excited about your product or service, this step will be a natural extension of your relationship and your customers will want to find ways to use your products in their lives. Help them to do this by communicating to them what other services you can offer them at a time when they are open to this information.


Step 7: Advocate

Get your customer to share! Happy customers love to share their experiences, so show them ways that they can do that, whether on Facebook with #hashtags or word of mouth. Place a sign asking your customers to share their experiences or invite them to share images on Facebook.


Step 8: Promote

Formalize your sharing relationship by asking your customers to tell stories, make recommendations, give a review or share your offers. Research shows that customers are often excited to share about your business or give a review, they just have to be asked!



See how our Customer Value Journey can help you to identify the gaps in your marketing strategy as well as focus on the areas that are really delivering for your business. Focus on moving your customers from one step in the journey to the next as smoothly as possible.


Our Customer Value Journey Workshop Intensive leads to a focussed list of marketing initiatives that help you to deliver value. To learn more, request our pricing guide.  



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